Several 3D prints done on my Snapmaker A350T

Thought I would showcase some of my 3D prints since getting the A350T. Anyone who’s not familiar with Doctor Who, it’s a British BBC TV sci-fi series that started back in 1963 and still making episodes.

Most were not needing painting except Davros (Darlek Emperor) in the middle and the Emperor Dalek next to his right.

I did previously print and paint the minions for my missus and also LOTR rings and bracelet. They turned out pretty nice too.


Those look great, I started watching the show when it rebooted in 2005.

Thanks :slight_smile: I did another version too, the Emperor dalek (original sold at auction for £36,000 in Nov 2005).

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Where did you get the .STL files? Did you create them yourself?

I downloaded them from here: Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects

Just finished painting Yoda which took around 7.5 hours to fast print at 4.5".

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Thanks for the link. I have been on Thingiverse before, but never thought to look for Daleks there.


You’re welcome Sean :slight_smile:

Two more prints and painted, if anyone interested.

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