Glass bed upgrade

I put on a glass bed of 3mm mirror glass (the thickest I could find at the local hardware store) Applied the magnetic sticker and metal PEI sheet and it works great.


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Pictures and your M503 output please!

what is m503 output? is that this mesh matrix thing i keep hearing about?

Use Luban and the terminal to the left and type M503 when your printer is connected to usb.
Post your output here. (you will have to make Screenshots, cause luban can’t copy and paste yet, i guess)

Actually it can. ctrl-c/ctrl-v just works (using windows-version).

Great, good to know, thx.

Printing on glass is great. It didn’t occur to me that the surface of the the print would be “glass like” when removed. Using glass allows me to print with a .1 nozzle at a .05 layer height from the first layer with no adhesion problems. When trying to print that fine on the PEI sheet it would usually make a mess.

Can you show something you printed that fine? I’ve always been wondering if results are worth the effort…

This is a rack gear with a .6 module. I normally don’t use this fine a gear, but I was matching it to an existing part.

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