Getting extra exrusion on edges


I am getting a lot of extra ‘bits’ on the edges of prints. Is this due to my Z axis being too low or another issue anyone can identify?extra edges

Could be moisture in the filament
could be over extrusion

if you are using cura, try this

Teaching Tech 3D Printer Calibration (

Looks like a bit of ooze during travel. If you watch the print nozzle closely when it’s moving between print locations, you can usually see a tiny bit of filament dribble out, then scrape off when it moves into printing position. And because the print head tends to take the same path in successive layers, you usually get little cactus arms that grow up and out of the side of the work piece.

As MooseJuice mentioned, it could moisture or over extrusion. It could also be that your nozzle temp is too high, or you need a bit more retraction during travel. Even after dialing all of those in to get my best print, I still get a bit of stringing and oozing. It’s minor enough that I can usually clean it up just by running my hands over the print.