Lines on the side of small objects

I’m trying to print some small objects.

However I’m getting these lines on the walls of them.
I rechecked my extruder calibration which is fine.
Tried another filament which is know to print good.

Also tried rising and lower the temp and cooling.

Nothing seems to resolve these lines.

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Which printer are you using, and do you have an enclosure?

It looks like occasional under extrusion, which could be a couple different things. Do the lines go all the way around the print, or do they stop when the print head changes direction? Were you nearby while this printed? If so, did you hear any strange noises, like clicking or grinding?

Several people have had issues with the filament binding in default location. There are several projects on thingiverse for better filament routing or alternate filament mounting locations. They all helps reduce the binding enough that the extruder gear doesn’t slip.

I’m using an A250 inside the original enclosure.

I’m feed the filament directly from the top with a newly drilled hole through some PTFE tubing.

Last night I did a test with this arrangement. I found that these lines are only visible on the yellow sides. So only on the ones that are parallel to the X-Axis get these lines.