GCode M81 - Power off: what's required?

Recently to read through the list of supported gcodes and stumbled over M81.

I tested it, but nothing happened.

The description mentions “… a digital pin connected to the PSU’s enable pin”.
So my questions are:

  • does the original Snapmaker 2.0 have an enable pin and is it connected to one of the pins of the power cable connector ? I know ATX PSUs have one.
  • does digital pin refer to a gpio pin on the controller board or would it required an external MCU like Arduino or even an Raspi ?

I checked the controller source code, and POWER_SUPPLY allows to define the type PSU you are using (ATX and Play station are options mentioned there).
But anythings beyond that needs some deeper analysis, but first wanted to check if there is some experience with that around here.

I assume this is the problem:

Requires POWER_SUPPLY and a digital pin connected to the PSU’s enable pin.

Maybe there is simply no connect to the PSU. My Artisan has a hardware switch on the back, so i am not able to test it.

I don’t think it is supported in the firmware.