Future Modules for Snapmaker Artisan

I am interested in the Artisan.
does anyone know if another laser module is planned? There are already 20 and 30W diode lasers.

When is the best time to order the Artisan to get the best price?
I am not in a hurry.

Can you recommend the Snapmaker machines?
I like that there are 3 machines in one and you save space.
Often you have to make compromises with combination machines because you can’t be perfect in 3 worlds.
What compromises do you have to accept here?

I have no experience with laser, 3d printing or cnc machines.

Thank you for your help.


As i can advise after few month of monitoring the prices: Just wait for the next Generation after Artisan and then for an Holiday Sale. Then you will get it much much better inside a flash Sale with a nice wheel Coupon. I bought a f350 with enclosure for 680€ on black friday. My first f350 Costs me 1000€ in a sale without Case. And this is less then a year ago. I am happy to sold it in summer on Artisan introduction for 800€.

For me: snapmaker should not do this crazy prices and discounts. I feel every annoyed customer who see its product for just 50% one week after buy.
I would advice just to buy a snapmaker on Sale with min 30% discount.
Just my 2 cents.

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Thanks for the tip.
That is very interesting.
It would be very argern me if I order the Artisan for 3000 euros and later I get it for 50%.

Does anyone know if there will be a 20 or 30W laser module with Air Assist?