Is the Artisan something for me?

Since I want to make small filigree decorative items in small quantities out of wood, MDF and acrylic, I would like to know if the Artisan is something for me. I think I would use the laser and CNC router the most.

My husband has some experience with CNC routers and is interested in 3D printing.

But I don’t know if we wouldn’t be better served with a 40K Co2 laser + an extra 3D printer. Does anyone have any ideas?
Is the Artisan our jack-of-all-trades?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Bianca,
it is a bit of jack-of-all-trades and a bit of master-of-none. The Snapmaker 3-in-1s are capable of all three workloads, but in being so need to make compromises. IMHO this mainly reflects in speed - they are slow 3D printers, slow laser machines and slow milling machines. Having dedicated machines for each workload will make you faster, and in some regards better and more flexible. Also, if Artisan continues the “tradition” of the previous Snapmaker machines, a bit of tinkering and fine tuning will be required by the user, while with dedicated machines you’ll find models that kindof work out of the box. The advantages of the 3-in-1 concept is mainly that you save desk space and have a “unified” experience. The Artisan being in the 3K$ range, you’ll potentially not save money compared to dedicated machines.
If you plan to laser acrylic, make sure that the materials you plan to laser are really working with the blue 450 nm laser the Artisan uses. Clear acrylic e.g. will not work. CO2 lasers have different material cpabilities.

Two things to consider, especially in light of @Hauke 's comment. Yes, it is master of none mechanically, but it is one system to learn, one set of hardware, one piece of software. It’s not perfect, but I am pretty happy with my A350…and Artisan fixes a number of the things I would like fixed on my A350. And then there is space. It does take up about two machines worth because you do have to keep all the parts to swap out available. So, on my table, there is the A350 in an enclosure and all of the plates and heads and bits to swap out to use the different modes.