Fuse in power cable

Hi Community,

Ive recently bought a snapmaker a350 still learning a few things

i just notice there is a 3 amp fuse in the plug that connects to house sockets and the plug has writing stating its a 10 amp plug.

Is this normal?

I only ask because I keep getting reconnection problems intermittently.

Thank you

That’s normal electrical design.

The power supply draws 300W, therefore 300W/120V=2.5A. So the designers chose a 3A slow blow fuse to protect the power supply as it should not draw more than 3A unless something has gone wrong.

The cord and plug is an off-the-shelf part that is protected by the upstream breaker in the panel, which is a 15A breaker.

Best design practices (and the electrical code) require plug in cords to be protected against short circuits and overload. The 15A upstream breaker protects against short circuits. The 3A fuse protects against overload.

That is not related to that.

Thank you for your reply brent. Im trying to troubleshoot my machine. Im getting to the point of returning the whole unit.
Im getting this error from the point i got it out the box.

It was happening everytime the machine initialized
and i was told to replace the power supply.

Which help but now the error is occuring inbetween jobs.

Its a shame because ive been watching snapmaker progress from the beginning and having these problem is such a anticlimax.

Ill have to keep on with the support but due to the time difference its takes a long time.

My guess would be either a problem with the cable connecting to the screen, or with the connector it slots into at the screen end (which I seem to recall others having problems with).