FULLCONTROL G-Code generator

I came across this G-code generator which looks very interesting.
I was wondering if anybody knows of this and can comment on it. In some ways it seems too good to be true, such as long unsupported 90 deg overhangs.
It doesn’t as yet show Snapmaker compatibility.

(Note: I do not yet have a printer to test it on my own)

There are 2 URL,
the main website http://fullcontrolgcode.com/

and the models generator Fullcontrol G-code generator

Recently watched this: You can SKIP 3D modeling now - YouTube

Snapmaker should be able to work with it, it’s basically a Marlin printer.

If you can read German, also here’s a bit of info: 3D Druck auf Speed: FullControl – GCode Pur | heise online

That said, I never tried it myself. Still I see the appeal: If cleverly used, you can make printer movements that are not constrained to layers, but do make use of true 3D space. I guess it also might come handy if you want to laser things that are not flat, but I did not yet look into that.

Thank you for the reply.

Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, but for some reason I did not get a notification of your reply.

Thanks also for the video. I didn’t know it is Excel based, which I am fairly conversant with, except for Trig based math. It is amazing what you can do in Excel.