Found image of dual extruder module on imakr

Physically it wouldn’t be that hard to add a second screw drive behind the first and mount the motor on the opposite side. It would need to be a little deeper but not much. Obviously the heads couldn’t cross with this setup.
Coordinating the software to deal with both would probably be the biggest nightmare though.


Physically yes, but I wouldn’t do it with the current rails, instead wait until we at least know how well the new rails work, I could be wrong but in order to fall in line with Snapmaker’s intent and model of the 2.0 I think they would have to do that to all of them to keep in line with its modularity of being able to easily change the machines orientation and use any rail in any position. That was the point I was getting at as well @Orbnotacus. Which would increase the price of the machine even more. I’m not opposed to a specialized rail and a designs purpose can change at any time. Also the new rails are intended to replace the original rails and I believe you cant just replace one or two with the new ones but all of them.

I really love the idea of the Two nozzle approach for some applications, for instance I can print a solid part with flexible parts in one print with out changing filaments. It is also very useful to print any support from a different material as they are easily removed.
My favorite is the multiple in with one nozzle to mix colors while printing. I have used this on the Zmorph(not mine) and it was very interesting. Hope Snapmaker will be looking at these options as well in the near future
Already saving for the rotary addon :smiley: :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing this come out. I can see the point that two independent extruders lets you print two things at once, but even being able to change materials within one print would be great!

I’m wanting it more for the soluble support. No more breaking off supports by hand


Any update to this. I’ve following it very closely and would love to know where we are with this. The last I heard was that they were expecting something at the end of 21… Well, it’s now 22 and I I’d like to know if they’ve dropped this or if they are still moving it forward. Thank you.

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@Mr-T the dual extruder head is coming out early 2022 (first quarter) as per the livestream a few months ago, and it looks much different than the prototype

Awesome to hear. Do you happen to know if there is a link to a recorded version of the livestream?

i noticed PRs for the dual extruder have been merged in the last week or so… sounds like they are making progress… i wonder if they will include it with a kit to mount a second spool to the machine and or enclosure…

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@scyto watch Snapmaker say we will have to buy new enclosures to make it hold 2 spools

@Mr-T here is the link for the recorded live stream Snapmaker 5th Anniversary Virtual Party: Make It Happen - YouTube


Is there any Update it was ment to be released End of 2021 now we have 2022 and no update ??

@Nuklearfire ive stopped trusting anything Snapmaker says. On the livestream they said it would be released first quarter of 2022, now they are saying end of 2022. I’m done with Snapmaker

Supply issues and other various factors since 2020 have probably delayed the release. Patience is a virtue. :wink:

@Anbro thats not the reason for everything. They took down their roadmap as well, breaking their earlier promise of transparency of what they’re working on. Can’t really blame that one on anything but them, it doesn’t take much time at all just to post what is being worked on and it’s not rocket science

I’m not too upset about delays I just would like to know when it’s available for pre-order as I’m really looking forward to it.

@Artezio there could be a multitude of reasons for not being transparent, as I’m sure you’re aware as been happening in a lot of companies over the last few years. I’m not defending them but I do know that other factors can play a big role in company’s delaying launch dates, etc. Yes I would be interested in a dual extruder if/when it finally comes out and if the price is right.

Lets be honest though, you get a lot of machine with the Snapmaker 2 which would otherwise cost you more if you bought standard 3d printer then forked out on laser and CNC machine.

If you are really that desperate to have a dual extruder and can’t wait for Snapmaker to release one then your only option is to invest in another printer or customise your own. Hats off to you if you take the latter step and achieve it.

As for rocket science, lets not go into physics eh! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You really don’t want artezio to start going off about all of his printers. He has so many… :wink:

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ROFL @brent113 Lets hope he doesn’t take the biscuit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@brent113 lmao. He’s not kidding either, he knows all of the ones I have :rofl:

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I note they have added dual extruder support in latest Luban update Snapmaker Luban Downloads and Updates - Snapmaker Luban - Snapmaker: where creation happens so I guess the module may not be far off form release.