Forum Icons stopped showing


This is on my Windows machine at work. Show fine on my phone.
Anyone else see that?


Hi @Tone

Yep here to. Are you using Mozilla Firefox? I believe it is something to do with the newer releases.

The icons are still good if you use Internet Explorer



Yup. It’s Firefox. Just tried Chrome and didn’t have the problem.


When I quit out of Firefox and restarted it went away.


unfortunately for me the problem has persisted fro the last few weeks. I have just reported the problem to Mozilla



@Tone @doug Thank you all for being patient. It took me a while to figure out the root cause.
Now the problem is solved. enjoy~

I describe the issue below in case you interested in.
Different browser handle CORS differently, which mislead me. >_<
It’s a problem was introduced when I upgrade the forum from HTTP to HTTPS.
The web server will return 301 to HTTP request.
But the default CDN request is using HTTP instead of using HTTPS. So the CDN cache 301 response which didn’t contain Allow-Control-Acces-Origin header.

Thank you for your patience.


Thanks @whimsycwd

All good, the universe is in balance again I can see the icons again…well done

Have a great week