Does anyone have problems uploading images to Forum in certain browsers?

When I try to upload an image to SM Forum’s in Chrome or Edge on PC and Chrome on Mac I receive the “Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.” error.

Same images can be uploaded via Safari on the Mac.

Chrome on Windows is the single most common desktop browser/OS combination in the world right now, so I find it unlikely that it’s broken here—if it were, someone would have called it out before now. I suspect there’s something odd about the images and/or your connection that Safari was able to compensate for. Or maybe it was just pure luck.

Looks more like web-site error. The message from Chrome points to Uppy on AWS not configured properly.

_vendor-45ee41058856cb27771ecd859132663f4c794f07365d21a95a643b90eca26b00.js:98534 [Uppy] [17:41:58] Failed to upload Screenshot 2021-12-16 174149.png AwsS3/Multipart: Could not read the ETag header. This likely means CORS is not configured correctly on the S3 Bucket. See AWS S3 Multipart — Uppy for instructions.
error @ _vendor-45ee41058856cb27771ecd859132663f4c794f07365d21a95a643b90eca26b00.js:98534