For Sale - SM 2.0 A350, enclosure, accessories

Due to a change of circumstances (new baby) I shall be selling my SM 2.0 A350, enclosure and loads of accessories.

They arrived today.

I’ll sell at cost - €2192 (£1968), with all boxes still sealed.

I’ll accept PayPal, bank transfer or cash (if picked up).


  • 1x CNC platform (MDF waste board)
  • 1x Extruder hot end kit
  • 1x CNC bits
  • 1x PLA filament bundle
  • 1x Print sheet with double sided printing stickers
  • 1x PETG filament bundle

Located in Piemonte, Italy. Will ship at buyers expense.

Let me know if you don’t manage to sell the enclosure and/or accessories.
I already have an A350 on the way and might be interested.
(Live in Varese province in Lombardia, Italy)

Thanks for the message,

I have now sold the entire kit as a single lot.