Flow vs speed what is the connection


3D printing beginner here. Made a couple of tests with PLA with no problem. Started testing with ABS and no successful test yet.
What is the connection between the % of flow and the speed of the printing nozzle?

Any ideas to avoid model warping withour using brim ?

Thanks for feedback

I prefer using Raft for adhesion and higher temperatures to get better results.
Also the preset printing speed is sometimes a little high especially with smaller parts.
Flow rate is a simple tweak if the layers seem to be a little weak.
But as a newbie too I realized that you have to do a lot of testing to get the best settings for the different type of models and shapes.

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You might try adjusting the z-axis to start it closer to the bed from what I’ve read in other places when using abs

I solved the problem with sticking to the bed. Now the problem is in between the layers of the model. The part is really easy to break up because it breaks in between layers. PLA is way more durable in between layers.

Had the same Problem with ABS - very disappointing that facorty Settings provide such poor results…
Imediately changed to PET after ABS failures…

I leveled the bed using a 80g/m² sheet of paper and set the Z-axis to the height I start Feeling a resistance when pulling the paper. The next Setting will be much stiffer and I don’t want to ruin my new toy…
Will try different Settings for Z-axis as soon as the new Firmware with Offset reset is available.

I just did a more stiff adjustment and it helped a lot! Thank you for your input!