Flexible filament on J1

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I’ve been trying to print FilaFlex 60A on the J1 without success. I cant’ even load the filament. I think the reason is the all-metal hotend as described here: https://recreus.com/gb/noticias/learn-with-recreus/filaflex-vs-all-metal-hotends

Is there a plan to release hotends with a PTFE tube inside? I know this would lower the max temperature to about 240°C.
Alternatively, is there a way to customize the current all-metal hotend to fit a PTFE tube?

Also, any recommendation for an alternative flexible filament with a shore index between 60A and 85A (the closest to 60A the better for my application).

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Same here. I am needing the Filaflex 60A without a chance to replace it.

+1 from my side for a PTFE lined hotend for the J1 - let the users choose what they deem best for their use case - even if this means a decrease in both max. temperature and printing speed (PTFE lined hotends cannot melt the filament as fast as metl ones do). There is a reason why these two variants exist :wink:

I tried FilaFlex 60A some days ago on the A150. First, I could not load the filament. Then I opened the feeder flap on the hotend. I threaded the filament manually in, until it was past the feeder gear. Then I closed the flap, and all worked fine. I don’t know if the J1 has a similar hotend, but it may be worth a try. I think the FilaFlex is just to flexible to be gripped by the feeder gear.

I have tried this option as well. Unfortunately, the best I could get was inconstant extrusion for a few minutes before getting a jam in the feeder gears. I have tried with both left and right extruders.

I was quite satisfied with the print. I had the temperature set at 225°C. Oh, by the way, I used Cura as slicer. (I am using Cura for many years with my Ultimaker)

I printed my models with varioshore and SainSmart. They are soft. When I load filament on the lower temperature like 210 degree, the filament jammed, but I tried in higher temperature, it was OK. Please try loading and printing in higher temperature. Acturally, there are several issues, but I want to try printing soft materials in J1.


Some update.
Thanks to anyone who tried to support. This was very helpful as I was getting desperate.

I finally managed to get some 60A print. The quality is not as I would like for now, but maybe I can improve by tweaking the slicing settings.

To get there, I did a combination of things:

  1. I loaded the filament manually as described earlier, until the filament would not enter further. No filament gets extruded through the hotend at this point.
  2. I set the temperature to 235°C
  3. Then I start the Load Filament from the screen. I let just 5-10cm extrude and immediately stop loading. If I let it load for longer, I get a jam.
  4. Next step is to start the print while the hotend is still hot.
  5. Slicer settings (I also use Cura): 335°C, 30 mm/s max, retract 3mm@25mm/s, line width 0.4, Flow 115%, Initial layer flow 120%.

Any further suggestions welcome.

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On my case, nozzle temperature was low, soft filament clogged. I use eSun TPE(83A), ColorFabb VarioShore(55A @maximum foamed), and SainSmart TPU(95A). When I load on lower temperature, they were clogged. And also I don’t use filament guide PTFE tube for these filament to reduce the friction. I hope these comment would be your help.
By the way, on the fifth step, is the temperature 335°C?

Thanks for the additional information. The FilaFlex is probably softer, stickier and more elastic as raw filament than the ones you’ve mentioned. Although I have no experience with them… I need a material close to silicone.

The loading temperature was actually 235°C and not 335°C. Good catch :+1:

I’m running some test towers to see if I can lower the temperature and what would be the best retraction settings.

I’ll post the results.


Might be worth to run the whole calibration procedure with superslicer (prusaslicer clone)
Check Hands On With SuperSlicer's Calibration Set « Fabbaloo

One more information. I failed on SainSmart today. Several times of failuer by clogging. The temperature was 210 degree. I tried on higher themperature like 225 degree, succeeded. Can you try with higher temperature?