First print made with Luban

Hi, I just got my artisan for Christmas and finished setting it up and completed my first bill. A few things didn’t seem right with it and just wondering if it’s normal or if you have any fixes. In the beginning when it does the comb with the overlaps it always had a slight problem with the ex, then, when you get past that even though I did the combs three times for the overlap centre the square white and black box, never truly lined up on the edges like it was supposed to, but I went ahead and printed the pen cup anyway.
The cup has a few flaws was wanting to post some pictures to see if there’s any suggestions I want to do to fix it.
Where the white meets the black on the start and finish is a gap and it’s a rough finish throughout where the colours meet but other than that I think it’s not too bad with what I believe to be typical imperfections.
Can you send it or rub it down with something to polish it and make it smooth?
I will continue doing research in hopes to get better at it, such as knowing how to adjust speed, depth, and alignment. Really looking forward to printing off my own projects. Thanks for your time.