First large job with the dual extruder

I finally received the dual extruder for my A350 and here is a photo of my first large job (I did a few smaller ones to test the process). I usually use Cura but didn’t have the settings for the dual extruder (which I later got by searching some relevant posts in this forum),so I sliced this model in Luban. Its dimensions are 210x150x5 mm and even though the estimated time was around 13 hours, it eventually took approximately 18 hours to finish. I think it turned out fine in the end.


You seem to be one of the few people who have a working dual extruder unit!! Did you do anything special before you started your prints? Like with settings or anything? I purchased it and received it about 2 months ago, but I am nervous to actually use it as I will be highly upset if it doesn’t work and I just spent all that money on it. So as of right now, it is still sitting in its box! Lol!

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I guess I was lucky that the automatic calibration worked first time without any manual intervention. To print the model, I followed the instructions in this post (Step-by-step creating a two-color Snapmaker print: from Fusion 360 to Luban (with the dual extruder)) but instead of Fusion 360, I used Tinkercad.

I believe you should try and use the dual extruder you purchased. Whatever happens, I think it’s a shame to leave it sitting in its box.

I expect those without problems aren’t posting. It is nice to see a successful post instead of a complaint. :wink: