Firmware request - Add retract before Z axis calibration

Is it possible to add a retract for both extruders prior to Z-axis calibration to minimize the seepage of material through the nozzles?

Is “Z-axis calibration” the same as bed levelling?
On the SM 2.0 this is done with the nozzle cold, therefore seepage is not a problem.

J1 is heating up The nozzles. Heated you have a couple 10th microns difference.
You just have to wait a little till the nozzle stops oozing and clean it with the wire brush you got with the printer.

Yes, it’s possible to add a retract command for both extruders before Z-axis calibration to reduce material seepage through the nozzles.

I think it’s a good suggestion. Of course also unretract after calibration has been completed.