Firmware 2.3.5: problem with vibration calibration

Have been unable to run vibration calibration since update.
Instructions mention loading up both filaments with dissimilar colors, then the left extruder prints the typical test pattern and the stats screen indicates 100% but doesn’t move to the next step. When tapping the screen - the status shows 99% and doesn’t allow one to do anything but select “adjust” (which has to do with temperatures). When quitting out of the calibration, an error message appears, “Unable to stop the job. 211” I’ve cycled power and retried - machine behaved in same way.
I downgraded back to firmware 2.2.4 and Vibration calibration mode is working, as before.

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I upgraded to FWW v2.3.5 and had a similar issue but I had just tried to print a nut for a bolt I had just printed and when the nut started to print it dragged the nozzle across the print surface. I now have a nasty scar on the surface and a clog that I first thought was probably the nozzle, but after replacing the nozzle I still could purge filament so I came here to see if anyone could tell me how to remove the hotend. Found the wiki for that and that’s what I’m in the process of doing.

Yes, I also confirmed this bug, stopped at 99% in vibration calibration since update 2.3.5