Filtration Kit for Enclosure

Whilst I thought it best to purchase the enclosure along with the Starter Kit, I can’t help but notice there’s no exhaust port for heat when operations get hot, or even a Carbon Filter to deal with the smells created when Laser Engraving and printing with ABS.

I could design an exhaust port with tubing for the back acrylic plate if I had the STL files, and specs for an extractor fan (powered by the Hub) and container to support Activated Carbon Filter cartridges, which another 3d printer manufacturer will soon be launching. Snapmaker could then sell this upgrade kit through its website and 3rd-party distributors.

I think the back is designed so you can add your own filter/fan system.
Thanks to the diagonal slots you can use diferent sizes of fans…

Oh ok. The activated carbon filter coming up is for Dazz3D’s new SLA printer…

This should be available Mar 2019, at the earliest.