Print keeps going...with no filament?

I ran a job and it was about 17 hours. About 6 hours into the job, the ink ran out. The printer kept going as if it were printing but produced nothing. Am I to understand this high-tech device doesn’t know it’s out of plastic? Please tell me there is a setting and this isn’t the worst design failure I could have ever imagined for this unit or do all 3D printers fail miserably in this capacity? Thanks.

Do you print over Luban? Because the filamentsensor only works from the machine itself by printing over wifi or usb. Or do you run octoprint? the same no filamentsensor! Hope this helps.

Alternatively if your printer stopped because of a nozzle jam there is no system in place to detect this

Not out of the box, I fidelling around with a smart filament switch, it detects not the “is there” it detects the motion of the filament.

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Thanks! I will give it a try. I appreciate it. :pray:t3:

Yes. I unfortunately just discovered that. Pulling the nozzle out and ripping the plastic from inside the print head was fun, and exciting. I am looking forward to what is coming. I imagine at this rate, I should keep a fire extinguisher close by!

I’ve had the filament sensor fail to trip a couple of times, when the gears started to strip the filament and it broke off a bit outside the head (it was the legendarily cruddy black Snapmaker pack-in filament). So I wouldn’t say it’s 100% reliable under any circumstances. Still much better than nothing, though.

A fire extinguisher is perhaps more useful in conjunction with the laser head, which has been known to actually set things on fire. I bought a little aerosol-can-sized ABCK-rated one, just in case. (I’m quite paranoid about fire.)