Filament stuck inside in middle of printing module

Hi everyone,

Hasn’t anyone dealt with an issue like this (check diagram)?. I followed the tutorial for how to fix broken filament, but it did not address this situation. Please help!

That’s impressive. There isn’t much room inside there to allow that much filament.

I haven’t seen that, but I’m guessing your hot end is plugged somehow. I’m surprised the extruder was able to push the filament through though. I would’ve expected it to slip until it couldn’t grip the filament any more.

Hopefully you can swap the hot end, and pull out the extra filament in the process. If you watch Snapmaker change nozzle parts - YouTube, that’ll show you how to swap the hotend. Between that, and taking off the cooling fan (which I think you did to generate your diagram), hopefully you can get all the filament out.

Thanks for the link! Unfortunately when I tried replacing the nozzle the filament broke and left plastic inside the chamber.