Filament Problem

I hope to not be off topic. I have a problem with the filament. I change it without problem,
I do calibration without problem, BUT when I start to print the first cm of filament are ok and after seems that the motor don’t work. The strange thing is that the motor works good if i remove the heated block while the Snapmaker is printing. But if I mount it, the problem start again. Some ideas about this?

You’re not having problems with the filament binding up while unspooling, are you? I’m guessing not, since you’re willing to take apart the print head, you probably would’ve mentioned that.

How much force do you need to manually feed the filament when you disengage the filament feed by pressing the button? For me, it’s some, but not a lot of force. I don’t have any gauges that would let me measure those values though. Maybe a little more than half as much pressure as what I need to hold the button depressed.

If your’s is similar, have you inspected the teeth on the feed mechanism?