Feeding the line for 3D

I have the 250 working in the enclosure. I love it. Does anyone else have feed problems. The line gets crossed coming off the real and can produce a jam. Thoughts?

I had a fair few filament jams using the spool holder that comes with the SM2. 3D printing a better spool holder helped a bit.

I currently use a home-built enclosure, not a snapmaker one. I have the filament on one of these filament holders in a rubbermaid container mounted* above the enclosure. The container has a nozzle + bowden tube leading to an inline filament dryer, which has a bowden tube leading to the print head. I made an adapter for the print head to accept the bowden tube. It sounds like overkill, but I was having a lot of filament problems.

  • by “mounted”, I mean a bungee cord holds it to the wall of the shelving unit the SM2 is on

There was a similar topic recently, I’ve been using my holder/feeding mechanism for a few months now and not had any issues with crossover