Feed rate problem?

Got my snapmaker and did the assembly today :crazy_face: I picked a random object on thingiverse ( The Elliptical gear with no center pivot: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1082508 ) and went for the gear bit first.
My first gcode generation in the snapmaker tool used the default settings (but I chose high quality).
From there I ended up wasting LOADS of time calibrating and trying to figure out why this didn’t stick to the bed. Then after trying to generate a new gcode file, this time adding raft, the raft stuck down just perfectly to the bed, but as soon as the raft (approx 5 layers) was printed and the main gear was supposed to start, I saw the same problems, this time it didn’t stick to the raft! :confused: I figured the raft wire looks quite a bit thicker than the part bit, so I wonder if there is something with feed rate that I should look at? Is this a manual gcode editing job or some bug that is not resolved yet?

Do you perhaps have the GCODE that you generated? I presume you used Snapmaker to splice it?
Are you sure that when you calibrated, you followed the steps/positions 1 to 4. I have noticed that if you deviate from the sequence that the calibration fails.

I had the exact same thing happen early on. After trying several things, I discovered that some of the default heat settings were not set to their recommended values. After adjusting those, I have have no issues. As always, leveling/calibration is super important.

Details are at this post:

Good luck!

As mentioned, I spent/wasted a lot of time working with calibration. I did not get a good feeling about calibration precision, because the bed fasteners are pretty loose with the helix spring threads, thumb screw that doesn’t go in straight, and the rubber gasket spacing. The calibration was not very repeatable, and I don’t know if this was due to mech or other issue. I later convinced myself it was good enough, as the raft came out good.
What I did notice was since the raft came out perfect, either this was a gcode problem, or some wire feed rate problem. The gear I tried did a lot of up and down movement on the feed wire, and the slicer never asked me about wire thickness, so I do wonder how to set these parameters using the snapmaker slicer. I got the impression that too little melted wire came out on the nozzle, so maybe there is an offset error there.

I ended up trying the prusa slicer, and it worked like a charm, well the gear that is. The arms had some thin details that snapped off right away. I haven’t worked out the tuning there yet.

Thanks for replying anyway.