Hey there!

I previously ran a camera calibration and auto focus the first time.
In the past, i did this things all manually,- because it is easy the most times and get faster to the things i needed for engraving something.

If i run a automatic calibration and i missed to set the material thickness or the focuspoint right, i can´t abort the running progress.
It would be nice to be able to abort any automatic progress at any time, this is a kind of safety feature.

I have assembled my machine a bit different like it was told in the manual (because of warped heated bed and maximum heat of it).
My assembly is like follows:
Machine carriage frame - CNC wasteboard - heated bed - laser bed (using printed tool to hold the laser bed)

This means i have a higher bed by 15,5mm.

If i run the camera calibration from the touchscreen, (because it needs to be done the first time from touchscreen?- I was not able to do it a different way, the button in luban did nothing.-) the laser toolhead moves into the bed.

My work origin was set to a well laser focus as well as material thickness in the settings menu on the touchscreen (15,5mm bed + paper sheet).

From my point i guess i did everything right in this calibration process, expect the wrong assembly :wink:

Similar issue with 3d printing module when running a calibration, the toolhead moves to about 5mm z-height and travels then to point 1,- i am not wondering when there are defective bed sheets, the calibration routine has to be travel XY then travel Z.- please change :wink:

Hope @staff hear me ;_

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