Feature request: Auto on/off exhaust fan

I only need the exhaust fan when the printer/laser is operating, it would be nice if it automatically turned on/off. In my case, I leave the printer to finish and go to work, and I don’t want the fan to run all day, it suck all the cosy air out of the cabin I have my workbench. I want it to stop when the print is finished.

So I propose three different settings on the exhaust fan - on / auto / off where auto is making the fan run when the Snapmaker is printing/using the laser.

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Here’s an idea, though I haven’t been able to test it (I want similar, but I’ve had a project going that’s taken over a week so far without stop). It’ll require editing the file before starting it, but should serve your needs.

I found this in a forum post here: Ability to control lights & fan on enclosure mid-print - #18 by fastcompjason

Send: M1010 S3 P100
Recv: Eclosure: set LIGHT power 100
Recv: ok
Send: M1010 S3 P0
Recv: Eclosure: set LIGHT power 0
Recv: ok
Send: M1010 S4 P100
Recv: Eclosure: set FAN speed 100
Recv: ok
Send: M1010 S4 P0
Recv: Eclosure: set FAN speed 0
Recv: ok

I was going to put the fan speed 100 at the beginning, and off at the end so I don’t forget to turn it off/on, have the snapmaker move Y forward, and turn the light on when finished. Theoretically, open the .nc file in a text editor like Notepad++, and at the very end put in the commands above the end line like this;

M107 P0
G28 ;Home Machine (or G0 Y350 F3000 to move just Y on an A350, G28 works on any of them and just homes everything out of the way and the bed forward)
M1010 S4 P0 ;Turn Enclosure Fan Off
M1010 S3 P100 ;Turn Enclosure LEDs On
; G-code END <<<

I’ll be doing a quick test of this edit after my current engrave finishes, it’s at 30 hours and almost done. I really wish Luban had a section for header/footer for things like this.

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Confirmed it works! I made a simple 100x100 square with the laser turned off, added:

M1010 S4 P100
M1010 S3 P10

after the start Gcodes, which turns the fan on full, and turns the LEDS on 10%, (I also had a G53 to make it use machine coords instead for another test for my laser accuracy). It runs the square over the lower left corner (again part of my test, you can delete the G53 from the attached file to run the square in the middle), then runs this at the end of the file:

M1010 S4 P0
M1010 S3 P100

Which homes the machine to bring it forward, turns off the fan, and turns the LEDs on full. I’m attaching the gcode file if you want to run it as a test as well.
FanLightTest.nc (10.0 KB)