How to make Air Purifier start and stop automatically when printing fuming filaments or engraving?


I’m looking for an option to automatically turn on and then off Air purifier while Snapmaker is in operation engraving or printing with fuming filament - cannot find anything like that but it seems obvious to be somewhere as this is all one ecosystem.

Any ideas how to enable it?


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Following this question.
I suspect there is no easy way.
Although I bought it a long time ago, I did not connect the filter until yesterday and I did not have time to investigate.
Maybe from Octoprint receiving signal from a smoke sensor like the MQ2? There is a code, M1011, which I believe allows the purifier to be turned on or off but I have not tried it yet.
I think there is no way to control speed beyond three speeds either. Slow speed still seemed too high and noisy to me. Snapmaker doesn’t seem to care too much about noise pollution.

You can manually paste in some gcode into your files to turn it on at the beginning and off at the end. According to the documentation here:

M1011 [F<0|1|2|3>] [P]

[F<0|1|2|3>] control code

  • F0 : Turn off the purifier.
  • F1 : Purifier 1 gear working.You can also use S1 to force power up and run in this gear.
  • F2 : Purifier 2 gear working.You can also use S1 to force power up and run in this gear.
  • F3 : Purifier 2 gear working.You can also use S1 to force power up and run in this gear.

So at the beginning of the gcode (past the thumbnail data) put;

M1011 F3

(for max speed, it accepts 1-3). Then at the very end right before the “end gcode” line, put:

M1011 F0

To turn if off, or if you’re cheeky, you can put something like

G4 S300
M1011 F0

Which would wait 5 minutes to filter out the remaining smoke/particulates before turning the air purifier off. G4 is the dwell commands and S is seconds (you should also be able to use P for milliseconds).

I must misunderstand the question… why can’t you put the machine and purifier on a single on/of power strip? Turn on power strip and both turn on (and vice versa).

I was hoping to turn it on when I’m printing (not when printer is powered) and off while printing is done.

Commands from @Skreelink should do it thank you.

It’s a pity that there is no such an option in Luban etc. as it’s one ecosystem.

I confirm you can control the air purified with gcode from octoprint. My plan is to use a cheap MQ2 sensor to send a signal when fume is detected for octoprint automatically switch the purifier on/off and select the adequate speed. The air purifier will work when there is fume and will adapt dynamically to the situation.
This is only for lasering. For 3d printing you specially want a filter when printing ABS. But using the air purifier you are breaking the temperature stabilization effect of the enclosure. For this, an enclosure-enclosed air purifier recycling the warm air of this space is better. I found two DIY projects building something like this using commercial square and cylindrical filters, respectively and 3D printing the housing.

Well, this brings to me a related question. If the snapmaker power supply produces 24V and the air purifier works at 24V why it has not been designed to plug in the available power supply instead of needing an additional power plug with a giant transformer?. Seems to me an un-smart modular system…

Because it would overload the existing power supply. And dimensioning the original one to make it possible would make that one much more expensive. And overkill for anyone not needing it.

So it’s the right decision to have a separate power supply for the purifier.