Feature request - adapter for Wiiboox luckybot food extruder

Just received my kickstarted Luckybot food 3D printer extruder

(Wiiboox) which is set up with a mounting plate for a lot of popular printers - just not ours - so I need to get a converter plate built. Any chance for assistance from Snapmaker?
It has its own power supply so what happens with the operating system when it can’t talk to a module because it is not there? Can it still run the x-y-z motors? Guess I will find out.

Found this to set expectations :slight_smile:

I guess it is possible, but requires willingness to invest time and effort.

I believe the v2 requires a head to be attached before it will do any movement. It should be easy to test. That doesn’t mean the head has to be mounted, but I’m not sure how you’d trick the head into not extruding the whole time the machine is running.

If you have an original, it doesn’t have that requirement. There are several examples in the forums of people using it to plot with a pen or a cutter (try searching for plotter or cricut).

You can always plug a head in but not mount it.

Not sure how you get it to communicate with the SM so it extrudes at the appropriate times and amounts.