Fan is always on?

Is there a reason the fan on the extruder module is always on full blast even when the printer is sitting idle with no heating of the nozzle at all? This thing sounds like a jet engine! You should look to noctua in the future!

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I agree, the fan should only activate when a project starts and several minutes after a project completes, so as to facilitate cooling down.


You are assuming that the fans are on a speed controller. You have to remember that while SnapMaker is making a high precision machine, they are also making an inexpensive machine. Trade offs have to be made somewhere. It is quite possible that in order to keep costs down they had to eliminate unnecessary parts. That could include a PWM controller for the fans. They may have just routed all the fans to 24V so when you flip the power switch all the fans instantly go full speed.

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I don’t care about controlling the speed. Just turn them off after the hot end has cooled or put in some quieter fans.

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Right, but if you can turn them on and off from the micro controller you can also control their speed. All a fan speed controller does is turn the fans on and off rapidly and vary the amount of time the fan is on vs off. This is easy for a micro controller to do as long as one of its output pins is routed to a transistor. The fact that they do not do this suggests that it is quite possible they CAN’T do it because their control board lacks the transistor. As for quieter fans, if they skip out on a transistor why would they would go with higher end fans?

Look. I did not start this topic to argue about how micro controllers control fans.
My intent was to give feedback to the developers for a possible future fix. This is a great looking bit of industrial design worthy to sit on my desktop but the fan noise is deafening. It would be nice to have the noise reduced in a future iteration. Whether that is through a firmware update or a future iteration of the controller board hardware design, i do not care.

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I wholeheartedly agree. I consider our ideas and suggestions as going into the big melting pot of ideas for future versions.

I am having a great time with my Snapmaker and the noise does not bother me. I just printed my first Lithophanes…wow, this is a whole new hobby and art form.

For a first time on market device, I think the Snapmaker is bloody brilliant and with our backing, helped to get it out there.

Keep having fun


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I notice the extruder fan is on and blowing directly on the print bed when printing with the ABS settings. I don’t see any options to turn it off and that is pretty much exactly what you want to do if you want abs to curl up off the bed while you are printing.

Right. I’m also not trying to argue. All I was trying to get at is that a firmware upgrade may never be able to change the fan speeds as it may very well lack the parts to do so.

yeah there’s just not enough pins.
what follows is theorycrafting from a quick look inside:
you’ve got 8 pins, this is for the stepper motor, the heater cartridge, the thermistor, and 2 fans.
stepper motor is 4 pins and you can’t do anything about that so that’s 4 left.
i’m guessing everything left is on a shared ground (which is not really a great idea for thermistors but hey)
so that’s 3 left, + for thermistor, + for heater cartridge, and + for fans.

this is where you might be going “hey, but that’s a separate circuit! you can control the speed!” and yeah, you can do that, but it will change the speed on the part cooling fan AND the heatbreak cooling fan at the same time, which is a really bad idea.

you miight be able to get away with putting a variable resistor in there and manually adjusting the part cooling fan, but that’s extremely crufty and you (and by you i mean snapmaker) miiight be able to put “all fans off if thermistor reading is <50c” in there, and i hope they can and do

There is no real part cooling fan. There are two fans on the printing module. One is a tiny fan on the bottom. It is blowing straight up at the stepper motor. Most likely because they are running the stepper motor rather hot. The second is the one blowing across at the heat break. This exhausts downwards toward the part. However any major cooling it would do is being lost by cooling the heat break.

Are you sure about this? That would be a bummer… Controling print part cooling is essential to getting good prints. I cannot believe Snapmaker team made such an oversight… I mean, missing speed control might be kindof OK, but an “off”/“on” would be minimum requirement…

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EDIT: Apologies! I have not seen that this post is on Snapmaker Original!

@CthulhuLabs Sorry to say this, but you are quite wrong. I fired up my A350 and tried the following commands while holding my finger beneath the air guide:


  • Sets Fan on full speed --> Air flow clearly present


  • Fan off --> Air flow gone

M106 Sxxx

  • xxx anything between 0-255 - 0 = off, 255 full blow. Try 255 and then 200, you can feel the difference.

In other words: Snapmaker did a good job and has adjustable print cooling, which is what I would have expected. Good job!

My snapmaker original does not have fan control which is very disappointing. I get no reaction when using M106, M107 or M106 Sxxx.