Extruder gear not spinning

I have a Snapmaker a350t and just bought the dual tool head. The problem is that the extruder gears just won’t spin. There is no clog and they heat up fine. Any idea what this may be? I had the same problem with the single extruder hotend and it’s the reason why I bought the dual extruder one.

that suckls dude hit back the forum ND LET US KNOW whethe it was in the gcode or the hardware!
im gonna complain a little more here and there especially for the post processing on the cnc and the commands for the code. maybe we can get an update on things that make modification easier

Can’t be gcode because I’m not printing anything. It’s in the first setup that it won’t work. Just found a video on yt of someone else having the issue, but that didn’t get resolved either. Still hopeful tho