CNC work area size?

I am so bummed. I thought the working size was 4.9"x4.9". I just read that the CNC work area is 3.5"x3.5". That’s too small for what I need this for. Good thing I got a good price on it cause it will be up for sale on eBay as soon as it gets here if I can’t cut the full 4.9".

Huh, it does say that. I wonder why? It uses the same work table as the laser engraver, and that has the full 125mm x 125mm work area.

I haven’t actually tried, but I suspect that the work area is larger than 90mm x 90mm. I can see them wanting to prevent the machine from getting the bit too close to the clamps. Hopefully it’s a larger square with the corners clipped or something.

Maybe somebody with more CNC experience can comment.

My guess is that it’s smaller to allow for clamps.
Maybe you could machine the full size if you had a special way to hold the material.

So much for just putting on eBay. I couldn’t help myself. Just had to open the box to take a looksee. 3 hours later and I’ve already printed two parts, laser engraved some lettering (I’ll need the 1600mW laser), and CNC’ed a couple of panels. I haven’t tried to do bigger panels yet but I will in the morning. Holding the panels to the bed won’t be an issue without the clamps.
What a cool little machine.
EDIT: it does do the full 125mm square. Yeah!