Extend cable for enclosure 2.0


I am modifying my closure 2.0 to a spray paint booth. Since I move my A350 printer outside the enclosure, the cable is not long enough to connect to the printer anymore to power the lights in the enclosure. Is there any extended cable I can buy or DIY to get power the enclosure? Thanks.


They don’t sell a longer cable and the connectors are proprietary.
What some people have done is just cut the cable in half and soldered wires in between to extend it.


very bad that they don’t have longer power cords
USB-C extension the same

so much money for a machine and poorly thought-out accessories

I would like assemble the controller on the other (left) side so that the cables are long enough for me, only what i to do, “flip” mechanically linear Modul of X-xis 180° , and invert the X-axis in the firmware, they can’t even do that
For a programmer thats 2 minutes or faster work !

or they don’t even get it