Exclusive 3D printed case with CNC milled foam insert

A representative housing including a suitable foam insert was to be created for a Neumann KM 184 microphone and the associated EA 2124 microphone spider. The Neumann company itself does not deliver a housing in which the microphone, the windscreen, the holder and the associated spider in particular can be placed together. So something had to be designed and produced.

In FreeCAD, the Neumann devices and parts were first reconstructed so that they could be positioned in relation to each other in a space-saving manner. With this method, the depth of the milled holes in the foam could also be determined. The enclosure was then constructed around these Neumann devices and converted to gcode using Luban.

FreeCad’s Path Workbench was then used to create the milling paths, which were again converted to gcode using @clsergent’s Postprocessor for Snapmaker.

The case was printed using the new dual extruders on the Snapmaker A350 (even though only one filament was involved). Finally, a special foam cutter from VHF (excellent support there!!) was used to mill the foam for the top and bottom parts.

I first constructed the closing of the case directly as 3d into the model. But since this did not hold securely enough, I switch the model to two metal closures. These are attached to the 3D print with fusion threads.

I hope you like my work

And oh yes. In the meantime, the housing is constructed in various variations as a parameterizable object in FreeCAD. A new housings in other dimensions are created in a few minutes and exported as stl.



Nice work.
What type of foam did you use and where did you get it?
I will need to do something like that only very much larger.
I will need about 2 cubic feet of foam to start with in 4 pieces, 12 X 12 X 6 inches each.


Thanks @jgb, glad you like my work.

I have used this foam for this box. It works well, mills well, but is prone to fingerprints

I just got a test piece of this foam.

It looks even better and is a touch more stable. i had written to the company and they recommended exactly this foam for milling work. I could not mill it already. That will happen in the next few weeks. But I am convinced that I will use this one in the future.


Nice work :ok_hand:
But I’m a bit confussed of the word “exclusive” … plastic is not a material i would associate with exclusivity :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the feedback @FischFischer.

The exclusivity is not based on one’s own feelings, but on the wishes of the client. And in this case, exclusivity includes, in particular, the extremely low weight, which allows the case to be transported in musical instrument cases.

And for this, my customer awarded the predicate exclusive, which I am happy to accept here


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately (for me) it is in German so I cannot see the details.