Every time I connect, first thing first, it always disconnects

Every time I connect, first thing first, it always disconnects.
I am using the latest version of Luban and am suffering from the following symptoms
Snapmaker 2.0 uses the laser module.
Snapmaker2.0 is connected to my home network via wireless LAN and my PC is connected via wired LAN.
Whenever I start Snapmaker2.0, start Luban, and connect to Snapmaker, it “disconnects”.
When I connect again, it may or may not connect properly.
This is very troublesome, as each time it disconnects, you have to reconnect again.
It also takes time for Luban to find the IP address of Snapmaker.

Another thing is that even if you maximize the screen and exit Luban, you have to maximize it again on the next startup.
Can’t I just leave it maximized on the next startup after maximizing the screen like I do with other applications?

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I didn’t notice the issue with maximizing windows you described. It remembers how it was last time.
As for the disconnect, it could be firewall settings of you have one or something with the network.
I’m hooked up same way you are and have no problems. Try pinging the IP address of the printer with -t parameter to see if the connection is stable whyle you are using Luban to connect

See the video.


  1. Maximize screen → Every time when Luban starts up, it must be maximized.

  2. Unstable connection → Every time I connect to Snapmaler on lunan, it says disconnected once. When I connect, Snapmaker is not responding. After repeating the connection several times, it connects. The connection to Snapmaler is slow to begin with. I want it to work briskly.
    See this video. video.Luban error?