Estlcam settings for CNC carving

I have been meaning to learn the cnc side of snapmaker a handful of times, and decided to finally to figure out how to properly use it. First thing I learned was that there was not much information out there on how to set it up. The inherent snapmaker instructions lean towards the 2d stuff and point towards using fusion360. Fusion360 was a no-go with me, so fortunately I found others have posted information about other cnc carving software like Estlcam.

I followed their simple video showing how to use the software with 3d models and got a very rough result. I cleaned up the bit properties and increased the computing precision which resulted in a much cleaner looker finish with better detail.

Here are the settings I used:

My settings are by no means the gospel or even correct. I suspect I have several things wrong with my settings - so please use these at your own risk. I probably need to turn down the feedrates? As I am completely new to this, what would the 1.5mm diameter flat end mill be used for? Cutting a part out? Right now I am using the 3.175mm diameter ball end mill for the roughing pass and the V-bit for the finishing pass. Please feel free to give suggestions. Thanks.


how are you postprocessing them are you using a snapmaker postprocessor?