Enter the Wikifactory X Snapmaker Design Challenge #SAFETOPLAY

Hi, all! We have teamed up with Wikifactory to launch a lifestyle-improving design challenge that helps make it #safetoplay as we transition out of lockdown. We’re looking for great design ideas to make the things we love to do safer through digital fabrication.

:point_right: Discover how to participate :arrow_right: https://bit.ly/SnapmakerwithWikifactory_safetoplay

This is your opportunity to inspire us with your ingenuity and inventiveness and create fun objects that bridge the gap between functionality, aesthetics, creativity, positive social impact, and safety.

Submit your entry before July to design for the New Normal in fun and inventive ways.

:star_struck:The top prize includes the latest Snapmaker 2.0 A350, the versatile 3-in-1 3d printer, and mentoring from our expert jury.

Let’s do things in different ways with Snapmaker and Wikifactory to improve the New Normal!