Snapmakershowcase Event Now Begins!

Hi Snappy,

Snapmaker has accompanied us for eight amazing years. Along the way, it is your support and passion that has driven Snapmaker to continuously improve and grow. To celebrate this significant milestone, we are excited to relaunch the long-awaited #snapmakershowcase event, once again sharing and exchanging the joy of creation with all of you.

Looking back, the #snapmakershowcase event once sparked a wave of sharing in our community, with users eagerly posting their fantastic creations made using the Snapmaker machine. From exquisite 3D printed models to uniquely creative laser and CNC engravings, all were showcased at this event. However, as time went by, this event was temporarily put on hold, but we never forgot the joy and sense of achievement it brought to everyone.

Now, with the opportunity of Snapmaker’s 8th anniversary, we passionately relaunch this event and look forward to seeing your wonderful creations and ideas once again.

  1. Start Date: June 1, 2024

  2. Event Cycle: Monthly

  • Post your creations in the Facebook groups or Forum Snapmaker Showcase Category with the hashtags #snapmakershowcase and #PlayWell.

  • The works must be created using the Snapmaker machine and should include the following:
    Glorious Moment: Please take and share photos or videos of the creation process, especially capturing the glorious moment of the finished piece proudly sitting on the Snapmaker machine. Let’s witness this creative journey together!

  • A brief description of the work.

  • Basic information like the machine type, materials used and relevant settings etc.

  • There are no theme restrictions. Feel free to unleash your imagination and creativity to share any works created using the Snapmaker machine.

  • We have specially prepared Mini Snapmaker Original models this week. We welcome you to share your printed works of these models.

  • Download the Model:

  • Build-up video:

  • Assembly Wiki:…/important_installation…

  • Each qualifying post will receive a $5 voucher.

  • Each user can receive up to $50 in vouchers per month, with no limit on the number of submissions.

  • If the same work is posted on both Facebook and the Forum, the reward can only be claimed once.

  • Snapmaker reserves the right to use the user works with the above hashtags for marketing purposes.

  • Administrators will compile the posts with the #snapmakershowcase hashtag each month and announce the participants in the Facebook groups and Forum.

We thank you for your support and companionship over the years. Every step of Snapmaker’s growth has been inseparable from your participation and contributions. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Now, let’s set sail together once more, showcasing your creativity and talents in the #snapmakershowcase event, and embracing new challenges and opportunities. We look forward to seeing more of your wonderful works. Join us now!

Snapmaker Team

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$5 vouchers would be useful if you can use more than one voucher per purchase, so you could collect them over the year and buy something useful.

The current rule is that vouchers are generated monthly based on the number of submitted works. For example, if you submit 5 works, you will receive $25/€25 worth of vouchers.