Engraving metals with the 10mW laser

Hello there !

I’ve read that the more powerfull upgrage allow us to engrave metals.
If so, did any of you already tried it ?

Can you show me some of your results and on top, give me your settings ?
Also, can we engrave any kind of metals ?

Thanks a lot !

For the most part, a variety of steel (such as mild and stainless) can be etched with no coating.

0.12 interval, 100mm/min workspeed, and 100% power. No type of coating, bare SS.

Most other metals will require a coating that actually gets vaporized (or to absorb enough energy to impart in the metal) such as anodized aluminum.

Black anodized aluminum, 400mm/min, 0-100 min-max, 140dpi, grayscale.

Basically you’ll just have to do some tests. Coating the metal with either black paint or molylube will give you the best results (however I’ve not done this, haven’t had the need yet). Stainless shouldn’t need it, aluminum definitely does.

1.4301 V2A and stone

Great ! Can you share your settings please ?

for this things i used: Black anodized Aluminium. With line filled. Jog Speed 3000 Work Speed 800. Laser Power 100%.

Thank you everybody !