First try at stainless steel 10W laser


First time doing a little project for friends and tried to engrave stainless steel with some Dry Moly.

Settings was line engrave 0.1 spacing, 150mm/min with 85% power.

Came out really really nice!!


Which brand moly did you use, and have you added extra ventilation or just not too worried if low use? I read some scare shit about the sulphide being released so the more expensive trioxide was safer, but that was from enduromark who want you to buy their spray. Mostly I want smaller crystals for good detail, the safety of the machine is a secondary concern

I did a few stainless steel rulers using 3in1 oil (saw someone else on Youtube) that turned out great. I used 0.1 spacing, 200mm/min, 100% power.


I use the CRC dry moly.

This stuff is great. But definitely have good ventilation. I ran at 250mm/min, .05mm spacing, at 100%.


That looks awesome could you please send me the settings

How has the etching held up? Is it durable?

Here’s the settings. I run the fill job first, and finish it with a vector engrave to clean up the lines.

Awesome thanks heaps

I used 3 in 1 oil and my custom rotatary tool @ 200mm/s to do this one. Color lightened a bit after I washed it down again and removed the initial rust.