Enclosure Lights When In Error State

During a filament breakage, spool runs out, etc could there be a way to turn the enclosure lights back on?

I’ll start a job and then then the lights off before leaving the printer to run. But if something goes wrong the with spool I’m having to correct the issue in the dim light that gets through the enclosure.

This would also be really nice if you put a M600 command to insert something into the print at a specific layer. Given it seems to use the filament burnout detection screen.


That is a nice idea. Turn on or flash them.

You should submit a ticket for feature request - Support Ticket Form

You have to slide to the left on the control panel, then you will find the options for various settings at the bottom, including housing control.

This is the screen I’m referring to. It’s what comes up if your filament snaps or you use the M600 gcode command to pause the print at a specific layer to change filament.

There isn’t any ability to swipe in the accessory panel on this screen.

And then once you tap Ready to Load, you also don’t have any swipe panel on this screen either.

Once you click continue, the print continues :man_shrugging:.

I’m saying it’d be nice to be able to turn on the enclosure lights during these screens, or after tapping Ready to Load at the very least.

That way if I’m switching filament or embedding something into the print (which is generally why you use the M600 command) then you have the enclosure lit up to see what you’re doing more easily.

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