Enclosure LEDs on by default?

Hi, is there some way to have the enclosure LEDs on automatically when I switch on the Snapmaker? I always have to switch them on manually which sort of gets annoying after a while. I found that there is some patch to an older firmware that does that, but wonder if this is on any roadmap (e.g. having this as a setting in the machine’s settings would be nice).

It’s been requested a couple times and it looks like the developers are working on it. Haven’t seen a date when that new feature will be released.

And yea, i just reprogrammed my enclosure with a modified firmware that turns the lights on at startup :slight_smile:

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That is nice :smiley:. Could you maybe share some details on how you did that?

@brent113 remind me to do that when I recompile the firmware to implement the Ir sensor for the 2.5 head. I just know I’ll forget and frustrate myself lol.

For module firmware v1.9.1, older. Could likely be patched onto the current version just fine, i just happen to still be running firmware version 1.10.1

I setup octoprint to turn the lights on when it connects (and turn off the lights on a disconnect)
Of course if you are not using octoprint then that’s no use to you.

Octoprint is still on the list of things to do, so maybe I will just prioritize that. Seems less invasive than patching the firmware.

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Once the build chain is set up I can patch, build, and install in about 2 minutes, it’s really not that ‘invasive’. Can always roll back to previous versions, as well.

Since there is a fix coming in the future, this, in my opinion, is a good use of patching the firmware, as it will not need to be maintained forever.

Octoprint is good, too, if that’s the direction you want to go.


I set mine up just this weekend, if you have any questions feel free to ask (DM me).
(i found the info was a little spreadout over the forum, lol)

Hmm maybe I’ll do both. Patching the firmware has the advantage that it will just work out of the box without having any other dependencies. Plus I can say I patched it with my own firmware. Not that anyone in my family would be impressed with that but nevertheless :smiley: I checked your patch and it seems to be easy enough. My expertise is more on JVM side and my C++ is extremely rusty but I guess I’ll give it a spin as well.


I’m the exact opposite. I excel in C++/C# and Python. Rusty on others. Maybe we could trade suggestions when the need arises.

Hello @derkork Our RD team is working hard on this. It is predicted that it will be supported in the next firmware. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

You guys from Snapmaker are always pretending you are working hard on something. And then we are waiting months for it. That patch with testing takes a seasoned programmer not more than a day of work.


Hi @Razor1990 This month, we will release a new firmware that will support enclosure LEDs on by default.
Thank you for your patience.

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So I now have an OctoPrint running, how did you tell OctoPrint about the enclosure?

I found it, you can use the G-Codes M1010 S3 P100 to turn on the light and M1010 S3 P0 to turn it off.