Enclosure Back adjusted for Filament holder

I have the SM 2.0 A350 with the enclosure. I love it! The filament holder is currently designed to be at 90 degrees to the filament hole which causes friction on the filament when 3D printing.
I have 2 issues with this. One, the filament often gets caught on the left side of the left Z-axis where home is. Once the filament broke due to too much stress during a print job. Two, I have the enclosure on top of a table and it has to be moved over 150mm from the wall so the spool does not touch the wall.
If you redesigned the back acrylic part of the enclosure we could have the spool holder at 180 degrees and the filament would be going in a straight line into the enclosure with no friction. Also, if there are plans for multiple extruders, then add the cut-outs to the back enclosure to enable more spool holders (or longer pin with separators to hold more than 1 spool).
This would also allow me to move the enclosure and SM 50 mm closer to the wall and still have adequate room for the exhaust duct.

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