Emergency Stop Button for Snapmaker

Using Snapmker CNC module always makes me scared because of the turning spinner.
So I made this E-stop button in case of any scary things happening, I can stop the machine immediately, instead of wasting time to find the tiny ON/OFF switch on the controller.
It’s designed for the emergency button module with 16mm diameter.
Feel free to download f3d file and mod it for your needs.


Lovely Idea!
Should definitely be part of the final product. Whereas I think it could be done a little bit more decent :stuck_out_tongue:

One question though, is this the right position for a kill switch ? Because when you slam it, you’ll hit the snapmaker on one of it’s ‘bones’ ?!

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Only need one and top of Z-Axis would be perfect

Very good…

where and how big will be debated unless and until the design team steps in.

but this is a much needed function…


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Yes! One is enough. Installing two killing switch is just for fun. :stuck_out_tongue:
Actually I am pringing and will install as much as I can, for fun…

Impressive! Lovely idea. It fit in! Will retell our mechanical engineer then ask them to check this out. Cool design!