Jog controller and emergency stop button

Jog controller and emergency stop button
I hope this is good enough to be used in Snapmaker.
Don’t you think so?

I want to use it for CNC and laser processing, so I need a controller like this.

How do you intend to connect it to the Snapmaker?

Do you have a solution to these handcontrollers?

I’m sorry…

This item is sold on Alibaba online in China, and it is very versatile and inexpensive.

I just wanted to appeal to the Snapmaker staff, because Snapmaker also needs a controller.

I want them to make a jog controller with manual pulse generator for XYZ axis, override, emergency stop button, and other integrated features.

This is not only to avoid machine trouble, but also to provide safety for people.

I don’t see this kind of setup in hobby models for home use.

If Snapmaker supports it and sells it, middle users will be happy to buy the machine.

Snapmaker’s machines are excellent and should be marketed as such.

Don’t you think so?

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