Dual Extruder Backup Mode - use second extruder when first runs out [Poll]

I was wondering if it would be possible to add this feature in the future update?? ie if I load the same filament in both extruder when one runs out and the printer will switch to the other extruder and continue printing ??

  • Yes I would love this feature
  • No I don’t need this feature
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They make larger spools

I like this idea! It would allow to use up the remaining filament of one spool nearly 100%, without any need to manually interact! Could save a lot of waste…

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I pretty much use 100% of the roll until filament runout sensor alert. But I might not be around the printer or asleep…

It would save a lot of time for those long overnight prints.


That’s a nice idea, I would suggest adding a poll to your first message so people can vote for it to illustrate public support better for snapmaker team.
And definitely submit a ticket - Support Ticket Form

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Nice idea @nweolu , poll added !