Drag files into forum editor to upload .mp4, .stl. .step ... etc

You can’t do this before, because we set a limitation of the file extension.

Two updates:

  1. .mp4, .gcode .stl .gcode .nc .cnc are added into extension whitelist. that means
    • you can share video less in 10MB in forum by just a few click.
    • You can easily add attachements(.step, .stl) when you share your design.
    • You can easily add attachements(.gcode) when you report bugs.
  2. change file size limitation from 3MB to 10MB.

Please notice, we need to pay bill to AWS for the bandwidth. So please don’t use this feature like you use youtube to store and share your video to the public. We might have to limit again, if the bandwidth fee is too much.

Enjoy and have fun! Comments here to let me know other file extensions you want us to add into whitelist.



can you pls add .fff .xml .json upload selection for config files like simplify3d profile?

regards Heiko

.fff .xml .json .zip .tar.gz .tar. .rar. added. FYI. @hliebscher @Leonardo

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speakie englishie…?

us nerd life forms get lost sumtimes…



Hmmm~ hi @william.o.yates Maybe a joke a didn’t get? ^ ^. I am not quite follow.

some of my old hacker roots showing thru…

common humor reference in the singapore/hong kong hacker crowd…

in the european hacker crowd, we’d say “mutter again”…