Luban works also for Snapmaker 1!

For me, as a not so frequentally user of the original Snapmaker, it wasn’t that easy to get informed if Snapmaker Luban was compatible with the original Snapmaker or not. When you search for it on the internet, it’s hard to find an answer about it… So, I just downloaded it and see what would happen.

With this thread & title I want to inform other users of the original Snappie, you can use it and I see some benefits I’ve been struggling in SnapmakerJS.

Note : I’m running the Laser side of Luban now and it works flawlessly, so I don’t know if it also works this good when 3D printing etc.

Note to Snapmaker ! I still love my little metal friend on my desk. But to make it a bit better… I hope communication, new tutorials (also for Snapmaker ) will increase this year. Because half the globe is in home isolation now with Covid-19, it would be fun and good to have a stronger community + more content, more tutotials (especially CNC) and down & uploads maybe ?

Hi, JS was recently incorportated into Luban in the latest update. So Luban does work with Snapmaker Original now. Please report back if you find any compatability issues or bugs.
We are also planning on making more tutorial videos and guides. Here is a tutorial we released a couple of days ago. There are more coming and stay tuned!

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