Double-checking Octoprint Settings for A350T

I purchased the new upgraded rails and 3d printhead that comes with the A350T, and was wondering if there is an updated speed I should enter into my Octopi for the Snapmaker profile? Currently I have X & Y axis going at 6000 mm/min, Z at 400 mm/min, and E at 300 mm/min. Is this still the same for the new A350T?

All of the posts I search on the forum seem to be from 2020, so before the new rails & print unit.


You should be able to open up the cura profiles in luban to see what snapmaker decided to set the values to.

I’m setting up OctoPrint, too.
Look here:
C:\Users[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\snapmaker-luban\Config\printing\snapmaker2.def.json
“machine_max_feedrate_x”: {
“default_value”: 120
“machine_max_feedrate_y”: {
“default_value”: 120
“machine_max_feedrate_z”: {
“default_value”: 40
“machine_max_feedrate_e”: {
“default_value”: 25
Access the a350_single folder, then one of the profiles (Notepad or NotePad++), you can see this line:
“inherits”: “snapmaker2”, which means settings not defined in the current profile are found in snapmaker2.def.json.