Does the V2 have a flex build plate for 3D printing?

I was wondering if the V2 has a flex build plate or if this could be added at some point

For those of you who is wondering why I’m asking, and assuming you never used one. On a flex build plate like the one Prusa has. The plate can attach by magnets, and when the print is done you can simply take it off, bend it a little, and the 3D prints have an extremely high likely of coming off. Where with what is on V1, if things are sticking too well you have to wait for the part to get cold and you have to try your best to jam something under the part to release it without cutting yourself or breaking something.
Not only a flex plate is far far far easier to get prints off. The other advantage is that process doesn’t take no where near as long.
With printers with a flex plate, I never had to use any tools to get a print off.

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Yes, the SM2 has a flex plate and soon Ziflex will be making plates fro the Snapmaker 2


What is the difference between what you get with SM2 and Ziflex. Also, thanks for the heads up about the company. I’m going to see if I can find something for the SM1. Do you know of anything for the SM1?

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Ziflex has plates for the SM1 and I use them. The Ziflex SM2 plates have not been released so no can advise what the differences would be; I suspect none.

I might pick up some. Have you ran into problems with them before?

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The plates fro the SM1 worked a treat. Many other users have them. Remember when the SM1 came out, it did not have a flexible print plate. Snapmaker listened and designed on into the SM2, which works extremely well. I have the A350 and it is a big plate

I never had any success with the Ziflex I bought. Got frustrated and gave up. Many others are using them with great success.

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What happened? Like can you give some details so I know what you mean?

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I couldn’t PLA to stick properly.

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I also have problems getting of my prints (A350).
I’m not sure how flexible the bed is (don’t want have kinks in it), but much problems with sticky prints, especially filigrane things are heavy to get of.

I haven’t had my hands on the SM2, but things like PETG even of a flex bed can be a nightmare getting off. What I found to help believe it or not is washable glue (most of them are made out of PVA). Anyways, if you can’t get it off. Then use the washable quality by running water over the bed. This helps release the print. Depending on the surface area, it should help a bit.

Just note I wouldn’t sit there and hover over the glue when the print is starting. A little won’t do nothing, but you might start getting headaches. This is from the fumes from the PVA as it is heated up. If you start getting a headache then stay away from this trick for a good week. When you get the hang of it, you can avoid problem. But in my experience if you ignore the headaches. The headaches will get massively worse.
If this is still a problem, switching brands or amounts is also worth doing.

I just clean the bed with 91% IPA and then give it an even coat of Aquanet hairspray